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Anonymous asked: "Are you a male or female?"

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th-riller-deactivated20140816 asked: "Het, I saw your update on the facts about you list... How come number t3's not true anymore?? Did you fall out of love? How does that happen?"

lol long short (& simple) story, I use to date a girl for nearly 3y then we broke up.

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Anonymous asked: "How did you change those things on your list"

which things…?

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Anonymous asked: "Confession: I'm not saying this to make you feel bad, and it's completely none of my business in the first place, but I totally cried when I found out that you and your gf broke up. I've no idea why. The way you wrote about her was exquisite. Seeing it end was like the death of an artwork to me. </3 Stay strong, love. -S"

I feel you, actually you’re not the first one to tell me this.

The thing is that 90% of this blog was about her and my love for her so you can understand why I stop posting new typos when we broke up…

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blanhhh asked: "I lobe your account it reminds me that I'm not only one like this lol! But I truly enjoy it! Well I howl you have a wonderful day. Week. Month. Year. Life."

Hola !

Thanks for this, I appreciate & return the wishes x

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Anonymous asked: "Hi, are you still friends with your ex?"

Hello, no, we aren’t friends anymore but I miss her (not a a lover but as a friend)

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adribblanco asked: "please check out my blog?? i’m been a huge fan of yours since a long time ago lol :))"

done & followed you on my personal blog (:

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Anonymous asked: "Where did you and your gf meet?"

On line (on twitter) :)

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2kool-2care asked: "tu es l'un de mes blogs préférés, ne change jamais rien:*"

Oh c’est super gentil ça :) merci!

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armani-death-machine asked: "Ahhhh, you're kinda my new favourite blog..."

Awwww thanks a lot :)

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havefaith-behappy asked: "follow back ?"

Only on my personal blog (and if I like what I see on yours) :)

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Anonymous asked: "Comment s'est passe ton jour?"

Bien & la tienne ?

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Anonymous asked: "C'est trop genial! Moi aussi je vis à Paris mais je ne suis pas français. J'apprends le français depuis 2 ans. Je suis nouveau ici. I hope we can be friends ^^"

Oh cool, tu fais des études ici?

Bien sur qu’on peut être des potes !

Parle moi en privé et on verra :)

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Anonymous asked: "what does HWNS mean?"

Just the name of my blog HundredWordNeverSaid :)

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Anonymous asked: "Tu parles francais :o"

Oui je suis française, je viens de Paris :)

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