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My 1st video in english : THE ACCENT TAG (with a big french accent) lol

Be kind guys and let me know what you think in the comments.

I hate my accent and wish I had a better one.


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  1. monjolireve said: Hi girly, I study linguistics and am doing modules in phonetics (pronunciation basically), and I can give you one tip as a speech specialist: pay attention to accentuation (or stress in english) and your pronunciation will improve!!
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  3. 54c said: you’re a cutie pie!
  4. misleaddreams91 said: u did really good girl i understood u better than most telemarketers keep practicing and keep up with the good work ps another way of saying bye is peace lol soooo peace
  5. lostinlovingpain said: I like french accents.
  6. southeastskies said: daawww
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