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what do you do when you’re sad and have bad thoughts?
Please leave your answers down below or right here in my ask

I really need them

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  1. captainsnowy said: Smile! :)
  2. sorry-i-felt answered: I listen music, and all gets better :).
  3. bellolune answered: Distract myself
  4. miso-pudding answered: I listen to music, write out my feelings through poetry or just words. And I keep telling myself that things will get better.
  5. bfly11 answered: take a deep breath and walk away from it all. It’s easier to deal with things if you don’t have to face them.
  6. iccarpediem answered: I grab my guitar and sing. It cheers me up! :)
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  8. proverbs24-10 answered: Sometimes it sucks but I have to find a way to get out of my mind. I have to replace the thoughts with better thoughts and enjoy right now
  9. protesfabriiken answered: Listen to your favorite music. Turn the world of, and the music on!
  10. heyvikks answered: write down everything. then make tea & take a nap! :)
  11. runexplorediscover answered: lay down on my bed and listen to Brand New till people have noticed my absence
  12. jinkiesitssara answered: Watch lots of funny movies or shows (Adventure Time!) and I like to cook and bake. Getting out of the house with friends is good too.
  13. stupid-little-thing answered: listen to music and crying xD
  14. meggi62 said: I write. You would be surprised by how much emotion can be in words. Writing helps you vent, it calms you down and can even alleviate some of the pain or sadness. Also some of the best works come from writers when they are feeling emotional. Try it.
  15. ahhkwiyowo answered: i dont have someone im close to.. not anymore. so usually, i cry. but a lot of times, i just find and do something that makes me happy.
  16. b-lackbeautyy answered: i usually write it down. it helps me let out all of my feeling to someone who i can completely trust, myself
  17. scartissue17 answered: Honestly, I tend to take a nap, or shower, maybe watch a movie or read. I’m getting into yoga which is great. Journaling helps a lot too.
  18. brokenbutalive-semperfi answered: You find someone you love or trust, and tell them why you’re sad, what “bad thoughts” you have, and let them try their damnedest to comfort y
  19. eileenthelion answered: i eat ice cream and cry and read a good book.
  20. enhieme said: singing dont worry…bout the thing..coz every little thing gonna be alright…well if know the song…u feel better;)….im a fan of ur blog
  21. burn-me-alive-please answered: Cut. Or listen to music. Or write. Or draw.
  22. love-cannot-describe-it answered: This is what I do I go out for a jog or just a walk in my neighborhood and I play happy music and not sad. I really hope you feel better!!<3
  23. itschelsealee answered: listen to music or really talking to friends.I hope you feel better :)
  24. batmanandsherlock answered: I look for random things in life that make me smile or feel joyful. Dosen’t have to be big stuff. Just be open to the beautiful things. <3
  25. words-make-beginnings answered: Listen to You Are More by Tenth Avenue North and cry out the sadness
  26. ageofthebunnyslippers answered: sleep it away. there’s no other way that works for me.
  27. thatrichhipster said: Sing && write
  28. solaflo answered: I cry a little bit- If I’m actually really sad. I have never cut or had thoughts of suicide.
  29. mustbe-destiny answered: listen to music that relates to my situation just to know that someone has felt the way i have before.so turn that frown upside down hun <3
  30. sanguine-starlight said: I draw or sometimes write journals. If you need to cry, it’s okay to let yourself. I also usually talk to this really close friend I have.
  31. mividaesunchiste answered: do anything to focus your thoughts and energy on something else. compartmentalize. music, dance, studying, drawing, movies, friends, family.
  32. monjolireve answered: I write in my diary.
  33. onlyinitforagoodtime answered: I do some yoga to relax and get my mind of things and then listen to some sublime. always helps me!
  34. dark-whimsy answered: I write a lot. When I’m sad its mostly bad poetry but it still helps. For some reason reading fanfiction does too but idk
  35. cakemerchandise answered: I try to make myself smile, probably eat some ice cream. Then I watch re-runs of Friends, or Full House. :) hope it helps. xx
  36. k-a-w-a-i-i-baka answered: i vent on my blog but i make it private :3
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  38. dream-of-seas answered: listen to music and draw <3
  39. m-a-c-a-r-o-n-s answered: read a book, take a shower/bath
  40. sleepingat-thewheel answered: think of reasons to smile, even if it’s as small as thinking about how good it feels to have soup on a cold day. :)
  41. iiirei answered: listen to music and sing along loudly + go on tumblr