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Hi everyone, any idea for a new blog’s name?

I was thinking about creating a blog for people (like me) who want to have pen pals. Through snail mails or emails.

I’ve being looking for a while and haven’t found any active blogs here doing that so I decided to make mine. What do you think about that? Do you have any idea for the name of the blog? Something including pen pals, or pen friends, or snail mails, or letters. Penfriend or pen pals is already taken so let me know if you have an idea. Thanks !

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  1. jinkiesitssara answered: you should join the postcrossing community. You get to exchange postcards with people around the world and i’ve made plenty of penpals :]
  2. scarsarebrokentrust answered: The Pony Express Digitized!!
  3. noteverythinghastochange answered: dumb name idea but how about snail pen? ha ha love your blog btw xo
  4. elephant-onthehip said: pen-buddies ?
  5. escaped-into-wonderland answered: Pen-Pals-for-Miles
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  7. shapeofmyhe4rt said: LOVELOVELOVE the idea!!! No ideas for name, sorry. :/
  8. creepi answered: pen-is ;)
  9. timeywimeyurl answered: OMG! Great idea! no clueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee maybe
  10. savanelman answered: lettersarebetter
  11. candlelit-poopbag answered: thats a really cool idea, i would want to write a legit letter to someone. it could be called find-a-friend
  12. inspectorspacetimes answered: snailmailpens
  13. m-aengelexemplar said: omg this is so beauful! but i can’t think of a good name…sorry xx
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