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More about me

This is the only post I’m gonna write about me since a lot of you guys keep wondering if I’m a girl or a guy, if I’m straight or not etc etc

Read this  before continue reading what’s down below. It will answer to most of your questions.

Anyway, here are a few facts about me :

  1. I’m a girl who’s dating another girl
  2. Therefore I’m gay or lesbian or whoever society likes to define it
  3. I live in Paris (in France)
  4. I’m bilingual (before the age of 13, my dad used to talk to me just in english so I learned french at the age of 13 and speak french 100% of the time since I now live in a french country)
  5. I’m soon to be 21 (on December 20th)
  6. My girlfriend lives in another country. Read why here.
  7. Yes we’re on a long distance relationship (that’s what “LDR” means and not Lana Del Rey as some of you guys told me =.= I mean seriously guys? Does “I’m in a lana del rey" make any sense?)
  8. She (my gf not Lana Del Rey) is turning 22 on November 17th
  9. She’s my life, my everything, I can’t explain how I know she’s the one.
  10. We’re together since June 17th of last year.
  11. The link to her blog is on my blog.
  12. Mine too is on my blog
  13. Here are a few pictures of us. I’m the black one, she’s the gorgeous.
  14. That’s pretty all you need to know.
  15. Wanna know more after reading this, just ask here.
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