Everything here belongs to me. Properly credit plz
Hi to all. Welcome where I put all my thoughts into typos. Feel free to follow & reblog. PS : Yes, everything (under the "typo tag") is MINE SO PLEASE LEAVE THE CREDITS ON MY POSTS, THANKS ! Have a nice visit/life xoxo


Okay so what's all these blog about
  • I don’t follow back
  • I don’t give shoutouts
  • I don’t do promos
  • My blog isn’t a place for all the things listed up there.
  • So basically, this blog is where I put my thoughts into words.
  • If you want to see all my work (typos on my blog) without the question and answers I replied on my blog, just click here.
  • I’ve been diagnosed with Eremophobia, Insectophobia, Isolophobia & Metathesiophobia.
  • I love music so I uploaded a few songs, just click here.
  • Click here for more links.